This training page is now closed.  However, you may still learn about and register for the Basic 100 Coaching Cognition course.  Click here.

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Students will be able to select a meeting time from any of the 8 below options for class and practiced / supervised coaching in this 24-week course.

Students meet once a week for 1 hour.

Please note all class times are in Pacific Standard Time.

Option 1: Mondays, 7 am

Option 2: Mondays 10 am

Option 3: Tuesdays 10 am

Option 4: Tuesdays 6 pm

Option 5: Wednesdays 7 am

Option 6: Wednesdays 1 pm

Option 7: Thursdays 12pm

Option 8: Thursdays 4 pm

* If you miss a class you are able to make it up at your convenience during another class option.

This is highly interactive, giving you the opportunity to not only learn the foundational skills of coaching through an accredited course with ICF (International Coach Federation certified) but also to practice your coaching skills in a safe environment, under ICF guidelines (ensuring you are practicing the right skills meeting the industry's highest standards for effective coaching practice).

Those who complete the course will have the option of being placed on our Client-Attraction platform to begin building your clientele and practice 'paid' coaching hours (where you earn for hours you coach), further advancing your skill set under our guided direction and support.

Classes begin on the week of February 14th.

On February 7th, we will hold a Live Webinar and provide a follow up interactive Q & A session with those interested in the course. Cost and payment options, and other details will be shared with you on the 7th.